Power Energycards

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Power Energy Cards, when you want to raise your energy and be inspired and receive support ind the leadership of yourself from your Heart. The cards is about coaching yourself.


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Power Energycards

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Power Energycards

The card set for you wich to raise your energy. When you want to be inspired and receive support in the leadership of yourself from your heart every day.

You will become more aware of your own energy, what drains your energy and what increases it.
This set of cards consists of 45 card and 5 information cards. You will receive them in an organic cotton pouch, so you easily can bring them with you.
I have made the HeartSimpleFun Leadershipcards with the purpose that we always have something by our side, which can help us with taking responsibility as well as conscious leadership for ourselves.
The cards are created based on the insight and experience I have collected through my own personal development through the years.
They are "my little baby", and it is with great pride and pleasure that I now share them with you. I wish wholeheartedly that you give the cards a serious try and spend time on them, so you can make better conscious for yourself long term and in your daily life.
Use the cards:
  • at home, at the office, in your company, on the go
  • when you wish to treat yourself kindly and have som "me-time"
  • In situations when you felel challenged
  • When there is a the in your life you wish to work on over time
  • In your connection with other people
  • In the company of friends to get to better know each other on a higher level

-in short, the sky is the limit. I have my cards on the desk in my office, and then I have the organic cotton pouch to bring them with me when I´m going out. The HeartSimpleFun Leadership lifestyle is translated and canalized into these lovely Power Energy cards. Enjoy! Love Sanne

Peoples´ statements about the cards: "They have started a good process for me" "My life is more about me now" "These cards are unique in a new way" "It has become a lot clearer to me what I need to work on" "Some cards I didn´t understand the first time I drew them. However, the second time, everything fell into place" "Nurturing quantum leaps for me"

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You can read more about HearSimpleFun Leadership HERE Read about and buy the Danish version HERE The cards can be shipped in Denmark at the moment. We are working on delivering to Germany, Sweden, Belgium and Netherlands. Shipping outside of Denmark will add another 50 DKK to the price. With orders on more than 10 card sets, please contact Sanne Toft on mail@sannetoft.dk for discount.


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