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Do you want to be your own best coach/leader?

The Power Energy cards differ from more common card sets such as angel cards or oracle cards. I believe that you are the one who knows yourself the best. That is exactly what the cards support. To aid you in knowing that you are worthy of choosing what is true for you.

The card set has been created in the image of the HeartSimpleFun lifestyle. The intention is to strengthen our own awareness, so we become better at listening to ourselves and make more conscious decisions, that gives us meaning and happiness, which in the end will raise our energy. In short, we become better at leading ourselves with choices that nurtures us.

The cards invite you to find leadership from within that allows you to shield yourself and your energy from external draining influences.

Power Energikort HeartSimpleFun Leadership

How can I use the cards?

You will receive the cards in an organic cotton pouch, so you can easily bring them with you everywhere. Use them at home, at the office, or together with close friends. Always put the cards where you can see them, so you are consistently reminded of them being available to you whenever you need a useful tool in addition to being reminded that you have a choice. Do what works best for you. The possibilities are endless.

You can draw a card whenever you need an answer to specific questions or issues.

Do you have difficulty with making choices and are you often in doubt? Then use the cards. If you have a specific topic in your life you wish to evolve or work with, then you can use the cards systematically for a period.

Draw a card when you need some selflove or some “me-time”. Kind pure energy have been canalized into the cards.

The cards support you in your own self-development both short term and long term.

Sometimes things and the processes need a while to start happening. During that time, you can draw a card to kindly remind yourself of your choices and possibilities. Because we always have a choice, both in the mind, being and/or action.

Create conscious leadership that gives Meaning and Joy.

Listen to your Heart
Keep it Simple
Have Fun

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