HeartSimpleFun Leadership – English

The three words, Heart Simple Fun, are connected when we talk about a meaningful and sustainable development of ourselves, our work life and in our relation to others.

HeartSimpleFun Leadership is for you who are open to the idea that the best results are created by toning down strategies, theories, and academic knowledge, to make room for you as a person – to put focus on living with balance between body mind and spirit.

No matter how I twist and turn it, my insights and experience always return to how important it is to get to know ourselves better – to become more aware of our own Needs, Feelings, and natural Strengths, and especially how we manage and live with those ourselves, being around other people.

The concept/approach/lifestyle is developed based on immense life experience. 17 years as a partner in my own export company and finally more than 15 years of personal development and a long learning period, which you can read more about here: Sanne.

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Heart, Simple and Fun are connected


Listen to your Heart

If we want a life we love and that feels meaningful, it is important that we start listening more to our hearts and based on that use it to act and make decisions. Among other things, we work with

  • Needs
  • Feelings
  • Intuition 

It is important that we take our needs and feelings seriously, and do not ignore them.

We are worthy of having our needs met and feelings validated, no matter what other people think.

Our intuition is the most accurate and true compass we have in life. We all have it, and we can train it like a muscle.

The more we practice listening to our intuition, the better good choices we have the option to make.


Keep it Simple

If we want to create conditions and have a meaningful (work)life we love being in, for the vast majority it is important to become better a picking and choosing. Choose what nourishes us and let go of everything we do not need. Here I will cover, in addition to other things:

  • Energy
  • Values

Many people and companies have way too much unnecessary ‘noise’ around them.

Everything from things, strategies, unhealthy relations, workflows, tasks, leisure activities, etc. Give yourself a gift and start sorting out. Make choices based on your Values.

HeartSimpleFun Leadership is a very helpful process for that.

Everything is energy. We create and attract depending on the energy we radiate. Become aware of what raises and lowers your energy, so you based on that, can produce more conscious results. 


Have Fun

We are worthy of felling good and happiness is a must. We experience for instance happiness, when we are doing what we are naturally good at, and not what the world around us dictates.

We function the best as humans, both alone and together with others, when we have happiness in our lives. Here we will cover things such as, but not limited to:

  • Happiness
  • Natural Strengths

We can live with more fun and joy in life, when we make mindful decisions, and not make ourselves victims of other people and circumstances. 

Your unique zone is what you are the very best at. 

You find it so easy, that you do not even think of time or space when you do it. It is so easy that you may think “It’s nothing special” – But yes, that is exactly what it is!


It helps incredibly little to know a lot of theory and academical knowledge in our heads if we are unable to translate it into our own lives.